Parish Register PR3 Marriages 1743 - 1753
(continued into Parish Register PR6)
East Meon, Hampshire

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First Name Last Name First Name Maiden Name Day-Month Year
Stephen Aburrow Elizabeth Fine 2-Jul 1744
Joseph Aburrow Mary Clarke 20-Oct 1746
William Alderslade Mary Reading 27-Feb 1753
Richard Aldridge Mary Manton? 12-Jan 1749
Thomas Ansell Anne Boyes 10-Jul 1752
George Ayling Anne Wood? 4-Jul 1751
William Blaketon Mary Bray 4-Oct 1753
Thomas Brewer Mary Fay 26-Jan 1745
George Brewer Mary Hills 13-Oct 1748
John Brightwell Mary Sylvester 1-May 1745
Thomas Brown Mary Parvin 20-Oct 1752
Robert Burden Mary Hogsflesh? 30-Sep 1746
James Burnett Edith Dobson 23-May 1746
Randal Clarke Anne Steel 30-May 1745
James Collins Elizabeth Barlow 20-Sep 1745
Richard Collins? Olive Brewer 29-Apr 1748
Charles Cowper Anne Lasham 20-Oct 1752
Thomas Fleet Elizabeth Clarke 17-Jul 1744
Richard Foster Mary Page 26-Dec 1750
William Groves Elizabeth Tribe 22-Oct 1753
John Habbin Anne Long 26-Apr 1743
George Habin Mary Spinsted? 18-Nov 1751
Henry Hide Mary Chase 2-Jul 1749
John Holmes Katharine Parkins 29-Sep 1745
William Inwood Anne Tribe 26-Mar 1749
Samuel Kiln Mary Mills? 5-Oct 1749
William Knight Mary Hudson 20-May 1749
Frances Lilywhite Elizabeth Welsh 17-Oct 1743
Richard Lock Elizabeth Restall 29-Dec 1743
William Lock Mary Gale 24-Jan 1744
John Long Elizabeth Love 3-Apr 1749
James Love Rebecca Brown 10-May 1748
William Love? Sarah Perret 29-Apr 1748
George Marshall Elizabeth Deborah Shorrock 29-Mar 1752
Richard Midwinter Alice  Gogate? 20-Sep 1746
Richard Mills Mary McBurney 11-May 1751
Henry Norgate Mary Sharp? 7-Nov 1751
William Page Betty Parvin 1-Jan 1754
Anthony Palmer Mary Baker 1-Dec 1745
Richard Parvin Mary Manger 31-Mar 1746
Richard Payne Martha Ray 14-Apr 1751
Robert Perrett Margarat Maryhall? 8-May 1749
Richard Porter Mary Cluer 29-Oct 1745
John Pratt Elizabeth Waller 12-Jan 1749
Samuel Read Mary Maygrove 6-Apr 1746
William Roe Mary Coombes 1-Oct 1752
William Sherger Mary Noyce 6-Oct 1746
Robert Steel Elizabeth Steel 14-Oct 1745
William Stevens Sarah Woods 19-Feb 1751
William Symes Elizabeth Lutman 4-Oct 1744
Joseph Tribe Elizabeth Naish 2-Feb 1745
John Tribe Elizabeth Kelsey 6-Nov 1748
James Wells Sarah Roads 3-May 1748
John Welsh Elizabeth Beanes? 18-Dec 1746
William Welsh Mary Guy 1-Oct 1747
John Welsh Sarah Newman 26-Jul 1752
John White Mary Carter 26-Jan 1745
John White Elizabeth Kille? 28-Sep 1748
John Whitear Mary Fielder 21-Nov 1753
Stephen Woodman Elizabeth Pinkes 6-May 1746