Parish Register Transcripts of
East Meon, Hampshire, UK

This Parish Register Transcription was provided by Colin Green,
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List of Parish Registers Held
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Not all sections, or registers are transcribed, but will be included when available, use the e-mail address below for further information.
Where dates are from 1900 -on requests are by e-mail only.

Some Files are VERY large and will take time to load, Please be Patient
PR1   -  Chr   1560 - 1677 (Transcribed to 1597 only. Donated Transcription, Fiche now held)

PR2   -  Chr   1677 - 1742 (Transcribed from 1712 only)(1677 - 1712 being transcribed now)
PR2   -  Bur   1677 - 1742 (Transcribed)
PR2   -  Marr   1677 - 1742 (Transcribed-sorted into male and female surnames)

PR3   -  Chr   1743 - 1812 (Transcribed) Part Donation
PR3   -  Bur   1743 - 1812 (Transcribed)
PR3   -  Marr   1743 - 1753 (Transcribed-sorted into male and female surnames)

PR4   -  Chr   1813 - 1823 (transcribed)

PR5   -  Bur   1813 - 1833 (transcribed)

PR6   -  Marr   1754 - 1796 (Transcribed-sorted into male and female surnames)

PR7   -  Marr   1796 - 1812 (Transcribed-sorted into male and femaile surnames)

PR8   -  Marr   1813 - 1837 (Transcribed)

PR9   -  Marr   1837 - 1904 (Transcribed-sorted onto male and female surnames)

PR11   -  Chr   1850 - 1899 (Transcribed) (Donated Transcription)
           (1900 - 1954 available by e-mail request only)

PR ?&   -  Bur   1875 - 1900 (Transcribed,) (Donated Transcription, PR Unknown)
           (1900 - 1995 available by e-mail request only)


PR1    -  Chr   1871 - 1934 (Transcribed to 1900) New*

PR13   -  Marr   1872 - 1976 (Transcribed to 1900)

Please Note that any request for 1900 on must be accompanied with a name and address of enquirer.
NO full register transcripts will be offered, but I will carry out a search of a register for you. Surname or Year would be advantageous. With regard to Christenings, it must be remembered that some of these people may still be alive and their privacy must be respected.

Memorials List for East Meon Church

Other Research material held

Pr1   Christenings 1871-1934 at Langrish Church now held on fiche
Hampshire Wills Index 1571 - 1858 also held on microfiche
Phillimores Hampshire Marriage Index held
(I will do a lookup for any of the above. Please supply as much information as you can)

Many thanks to Ann Brady for her transcript donations, without whom some of these transcriptions would not have been available for some time..

If you have any of the above Registers transcribed, I would be grateful for a copy to fill in the missing areas, and to save extra work. Please contact me at:

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